We Work For You

At Kronos Networks, LLC, we always work for your business’s best interests.

Think of us as your technology services consultants. Consider us your solutions company. We sit down with you to understand your current business needs and to anticipate your future needs as your business grows. We deliver technology services that not only give you what you want but can also expand along with your business. We look out for you every step of the way.

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You know everything about your business, but when it comes to which technology is right for you, we have the expertise. We have strong internal connections among the major providers, and we know what is needed at an engineering level to have your services built right. We do it all for you: We save you hours of research and endless phone calls with sales people who want to convince you to choose their product.

Our company is made up of senior engineers who have worked behind the scenes of major telecom industries and Internet service providers. They have built internal networks or supported customers at the highest levels in those companies.

Because we work for you and not for a particular vendor, we are honest about the technology services we deliver. There are no surprises, and you’ll understand exactly what you are getting. We remove the smoke and mirrors. This is what we mean when we say:
We Work For You.

Businesses Choose Us

Kronos Networks, LLC has a niche compared to our competitors.

Drawing on decades of knowledge, we designed our company to cater to your technology needs: We will make sure that your infrastructure is built correctly and that it matches all of your requirements. We do this by knowing how to translate your business’s needs into technology terminology. We know how to communicate with vendor engineers, and we understand how your systems are being built. This makes our success rate much higher than that of our competitors.

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Try asking sales people if they ever configured a router for a business or set up call routing in a PBX. When they sell you a service, they don’t know if what you need is actually what they are selling. They just want you to sign on the dotted line. We don’t work that way. We understand what we are selling, and we believe that if we sell you the right product and your business succeeds, then we are successful, too.

Our clients praise us for our professionalism and appreciate that we’ve designed our company to minimize your costs. We do this by partnering with vendors, who you pay directly. This helps drive down costs on your end. We do not bill you for the solution services we provide, unless you hire us to troubleshoot or to physically build out your network.

It just makes sense and that is why Businesses Choose Us.

Finding The Best For You

Kronos Networks, LLC has many years of experience working for or consulting for major telecom companies.

Because we know what goes on behind the scenes, we have insight into which providers are the best and why. We reach out to these providers to determine which ones can best serve your needs. When we choose a provider for you, we look at the following five things:

1 Customer Satisfaction Ratings

We don’t want our customers to be the guinea pig for a new service that may or may not work. We evaluate the kind of relationships a provider has with its customers. Those that provide good communication and customer service and find the root causes for permanent solutions are the companies with which we partner.

2Variety and Quality of Features and Services

We test a provider’s features and/or services before we partner with them. This insures us that the products we recommend or sell to you do what they are supposed to do and work as they should.

3Technology Infrastructure

We have business meetings with the providers’ chief officers to review their behind-the-scenes operations. Realistically speaking, nothing is perfect. However, when we partner with a provider, we want to make sure they have a solid infrastructure and what it takes to solve issues quickly and accurately.

4Business Structure

When you want issues resolved or need new services, it’s important that your request gets to the people who know how to do the job. By going the extra mile to understand each provider’s business structure, we can make sure you get the best customer service no matter what the situation. We do quality control better than any other company.

5Bang for Your Buck

We want to make sure that you are getting the most for your money. The cheapest or the most expensive options are not always the best. We analyze the categories listed above and factor in the cost. Our goal? To deliver the best resources to your business at a lower cost.

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