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Consulting Services

We make the process as simple as possible for you.

First, schedule an appointment with us. Gather your bills or expense sheets for all of your IT services. Make a list of what you currently have and what you wish to explore for a better IT solution.

Second, we schedule a meeting to get to know your business and your IT needs. We can take a general look at your IT expenses to see if we can find a better and lower-priced solution.

Third, we research all of our resources to identify the best services or technology for your business.

Fourth, we meet again to present our analysis and the pricing. We also finalize the details of the setup.

After a solution is agreed upon, we handle all communications with the vendors in order to get the systems installed in a timely manner. All contracts are signed through us.

Our Main Services Overview

WAN Solutions

Coax or Fiber Optic WAN(Wide Area Network) solutions

WAN services include a single Internet connection to full MPLS networks and everything in between. We locate the providers in your area and determine what they can deliver to you. We gather all of the costs and talk not only with the sales department, but also with the engineering department for quality control. We find out what you are actually getting behind the scenes.

We scout out the best cost for you. The cheapest isn’t necessarily the best if your business won’t function correctly with that service. We won’t accept a service if it is not right for you. The success of your business is directly associated with the success of Kronos Networks.

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Hosted PBX

Want to consolidate your expenses and maintenance? Consider switching to a hosted PBX rather than the one that is in your office. This is a great solution if you are starting a new business or if your PBX is outdated and maintenance is just too costly. This solution works well for a small or large business or even a large call center. You could get your business the latest Cisco, Panasonic, or Polycom phones, which include wireless and conference phones, too. The best part about hosted PBX is that it is easy to unify your phone system with your instant messenger, video conferencing, and cell phones. You can analyze everything about your phone calls. So as a business owner, you have the tools to know exactly what is going on in your business.

Don’t be fooled by telephone companies that sell VOIP. VOIP requires network engineers to install and troubleshoot it. Without their help, your business will be dead in the water if you have a problem.

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LAN Solutions

We can design and install your LAN (Local Area Network). This includes routers, switches, firewalls, cabling, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi security, a Visio design of your LAN, and other services that will save you money. We have resources to repair your computer hardware and software issues, too.

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Cloud Services

Hosted desktop or hosted data storage solutions are efficient ways to lower your costs and provide an alternative to buying expensive computers and/or servers.

Your employees can log into the website to access their desktop and all of their applications. If there is a virus or if data goes missing, you can easily restore the content from earlier that day or from months ago.

If your laptop or desktop breaks down, there’s no need to worry. You can hop onto another computer and continue your work from where you left off.

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General IT Consulting

As your consultant, we can locate the problem you are having on your network and gather data about the problem. To resolve the issue, we can work with your IT staff, work with your vendor, or fix it for you ourselves.

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