Network Support

Our goal at SynAck Global is provide a complete worry-free IT solution. A growing company should be focused on implementing their business strategy, not IT management. We offer a broad range of services suitable for all businesses, from startups to established enterprise.

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Cloud Services

Our GlobalCloud service gives you all the benefits of the cloud, making collaboration a non-issue for your organization. We give you the ability to work from anywhere at anytime, increasing your output and efficiency. You also benefit redundancy and reduced hardware costs.

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IT Consulting

Whether you want to upgrade the operating system on your fleet of workstations or install a new firewall and virtualize your servers, we are the IT professionals to call. Our engineers perform all phases of an IT project, from planning to deployment and integration.

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IT Support For Your Business

SynAck Global believes in being proactive with IT management

We combine on-site and remote support services to tailor a worry-free IT solution. Our approach to IT management allows us to accurately assess our customers’ needs, freeing them to focus on growth and executing their business strategy.

Our suite of GlobalSupport plans offer small and medium-sized businesses access to expert advice without the need to staff an internal IT department. This means flexibility for growing organizations. Our goal is simple – provide top-tier IT support services, thus freeing the customer to focus on business.