Cloud Services

Leveraging all the cloud has to offer

With our GlobalCloud solutions you free yourself from the hassles of hardware maintenance and the cost associated with hosting your equipment. When your servers, applications, or backup is in the cloud, you gain the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world and still have access to network services essential to your business.

Our GlobalCloud services include

Hosted Server

The cost of new server hardware, administration, and upgrades quickly adds up. When you want to get your servers out of your environment in order to cuts costs or increase redundancy, we can host your servers in our provider level data center. We can migrate your existing servers or do new server deployments. Our virtual design specialist will design a cost effective virtual server solution that will be secure and worry-free.

Remote Backup

Every business is reliant on data. With our GlobalCloud Remote Backup, we guarantee that your data will be secure and available 24/7/365. We take data backup and archiving very seriously. You never have to change tapes or check to see if the backups succeeded. Our cloud based backup keeps your precious data encrypted and ready for recovery at all times.

Cloud Based Application Support

GlobalCloud application support frees you from having to install your business applications on every workstation in your fleet. Instead, we can make those applications available via the web and it will feel like it’s installed directly on the computer. You save money while making access to your most needed applications and network services more convenient. We guide you through the entire transition to cloud based application including migration and configuration. Your productivity will increase with cloud based collaboration tools such as Google Apps for business, Intuit, and Microsoft Office 365.

Server Virtualization

There was a time when each server required it’s own hardware. Now with server virtualization, we can host several servers on the same hardware. This significantly decreases your hardware cost and the cost of system maintenance. Whether you virtualize your physical servers on your existing network or in our data centers, you will benefit from decreased downtime, reliability and scalability.


We all dislike when SPAM hits our inbox. With our GlobalCloud Anti-SPAM solution, we stop the SPAM before it ever reaches your network. We filter well know SPAM email and suspicious email into a quarantine and allow you to manage your junk email via the web-interface. We can also configure it to notify when email has been blocked because we know how annoying it is to have good email mixed in with the junk. This service is 100% cloud based. There is no need to invest in new hardware or software, all you need is an Internet connection.

Email Archiving

With each passing day, the amount of email of your servers grows and grows. Many companies have to keep old emails for compliance or for company records. Our GlobalCloud Email Archiving solution provides an easy way to store your old email in the cloud with secure, redundant, and unlimited space to grow. You can easily search through your archived email and not have to worry about the hardware cost associated with increasing storage.

Mobile Device Administration

Mobiles devices can be found in almost every office nowadays, and will more than likely increase over time. The need for compliance and security still exist. With SynAck Global’s Mobile Device Administration, we take the guesswork out of maintaining and administering a forever changing fleet of mobile devices. When we push out a secure image to a mobile device we can enforce passwords policies, remotely wipe data, and easily account for all mobile devices on the network.

If you have any questions about our Cloud Services, please call us at 855-579-6225